SwordBright cover


Oasis has been the superhero SwordBright for longer than anyone might expect. All went well for a while, and then the world got destroyed. So now, back in time in their 20 years old body, they need the help of their local super villain if they want to prevent all this from happening again.

Karry is technically an eldrich god-monster trapped in a human body, but she’s been pretending to be the super villain «The Vampire Queen» for decades now. It’s fine; people fear her and her nemesis is an idiot child with a sword, which makes her job quite easy. But then Oasis shows up at her door, asking her help with preventing a tyrant from rising to power, and all her carefully laid plans start to crumble.

Time moves ever onward, and sometimes, there’s nothing but a blurry line separating heroes from monsters.

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