Book cover for Four Liars in space

Four Liars (in space)

The plan was simple.
1- Get (fake) married to his best friend, Bee.
2- Con the space military out of a sweet free house.
3- Enjoy the first restful sleep since he’d gotten assigned to the asteroid bunker.

Chuck didn’t care much for the space cold war. It seemed like a problem for other people to worry about. All he wanted was a free house and a good night’s sleep. But he hadn’t counted on falling in love with his new superior officer, the aristocratic and mysterious Archibald James Montgomery, a man who is badly hiding a big secret.

Meanwhile, Bee finds love with Iris, a local tailor who may or may not be the biggest con woman on their asteroid. Together, the four of them will soon have to uncover secrets, manage crushes, and plan a heist?!