Six different people, on four different planets, are about to die.

Lucretia and Pier-Paul are preparing to fight to the death in an arena of Gold Country. Ki-Andi is alone and abandoned on a dying planet. Machiavel and Mirfak are sentenced to hang. Jay is going down with her ship.

In their last moments, a giant metal fish appears from the sky and steals them away, into the vastness of space. What is waiting for them on board of the Kalipso? And why did it take them of all people?

Kalipso cover

Part 1

Chapters 1-4

Fantasy meets science-fiction when two warriors from a medieval-esque world get kidnapped by aliens midway through a fight to the death.

Pier-Paul is a prisoner forced into the arena. Lucretia is a noble who actually wants to lose. Neither of them expects to be pulled into the sky by a giant metal fish. Stuck in the holding cells of the Kalipso, surrounded by strange aliens and technology that they do not understand, Pier-Paul and Lucretia must learn to get along if they have any hope of escaping this alive. But Lucretia’s mysterious past might be more difficult to overcome than expected…

Kalipso cover

Part 2

Chapters 5-9

In a steampunk city in the midst of a revolution, two men are about to be executed when they suddenly get kidnapped by aliens.

There are now two new prisoners on board the Kalipso, and they are not the allies that Lucretia and Pier-Paul were hoping for. Machiavel is a psychic vampire who can influence people’s emotions. Mirfak is his husband and a former vampire hunter. Neither can be trusted. Meanwhile, as conflict brews in the holding cells, time begins to run out for the pilot of the Kalipso, and some of the crew begin to question the purpose of their mission…

Board the Kalipso