Book cover for Married to the Evil Wizard King

Married to the Evil Wizard King

When Autumn was fifteen years old, her father went to war against the Evil Wizard King, and failed to kill him. Their kingdom suffered his anger ever since.

When she was twenty-five, her mother decided that she was pretty enough — and expendable enough — to be sent as an offering to appease that anger.

Her job is simple: to make herself desirable enough for him to agree to a marriage, and assure their kingdom his protection.

But Autumn didn’t get chosen as a tribute to the Wizard King because she is meek and obedient. She was chosen because she’s a handful, and she’s about to make that his problem. Starting by winning the heart of his best knight, and then stealing the source of his magic.

Because after all, why be Autumn the Wizard King’s reluctant wife, when she can be Autumn the Wizard Queen?

Enter the cursed forest